Dear Friends, Family & Lovers,
    Please join me at these events....
Gogo Eddie
1. Wednesday - Dance This Mess Around Performing Live at 11:00 Daniel Cartier
2. Thursday - Wet n Wild Underwear Contest at Gauntlet II
3. Friday - Gauntlet II's 21 year Anniversary
4. Saturday - Dragstripp 66
We're environmentally conscious at Dragstrip,
so tonight we ask you to "Recycle & Re-Use"
- Scour the trashbins 'n leap to the landfills for your look -
Dumpster Dragsters & Trashin' Fashion
Homeless Homos & Skidrow Handbag Ladies
DJ Paul V. spins bumpin' rock, electro, mashes, & dirty pop Plus A Very Special 12 Midnight Show
Gina Lotriman, Charlene Unger, Daniel Cartier, Donovan, 
and a farewell performance from Sharon Needles
5. Sunday - Hard Heroes 2 Performing Live at 7:00 Jackie Beat



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