Glitter Trash, Lost In Chicago, Drop Dead Silhouette
Live In Toledo 3/31/12
Review and Photo's By: Michael Rys
The last time Glitter Trash played Toledo shit was on fire in the back yard and plastic Santa Claus's were flying everywhere amidst all the the band smoked my memory of that show gave me some high expectations for this one...
Leading off the night we three kids form Toledo playing their first show together .The bands called Drop Dead Silhouette and they pretty much take a modern punk stance and put their spin on it. For a first performance it wasn't bad at all. The songs seem to be well written.They just the stage experience and the repetition of constant rehearsal and refinement.Should these guys stay together long enough they'll be a fun band to watch develop.They were slated to play about thirty minuets but they plowed through their entire set in about 20 minuets,could have been 1st show nerves. Hats off to ya boys support any young band trying to carrying on the punk rock torch.
Next up was Toledo trio Lost In Chicago. Now these cats put on a strong loud and heavy set.If I had to peg a sound would be stoner rock with a punk influence.Very hard driving rhythm section and the guitar sound is somewhat psychedelic .Especially dig the way they are not afraid to experiment with noise n feedback. Hopefully we'll start seeing more of them playing out around town than we have in the past year or so. They deserve some more attention in a small scene that is desperate for bands that knock it out raw as Lost In Chicago does.
Detroit's Glitter Trash has gained a rep for being unpredictable, wild and one of the best live acts in punk rock today. This is not a rep carefully developed by press people or writers, or even by the band itself. Its come about by the fans, because when folks plunk down their cash to see em they never leave a Glitter Trash show with out something to talk about or tell there friends about.
Glitter Trash ever single member puts out 100% energy when playing.. This night was no exception they hit the stage which was totally wrapped up and "sealed off" by police tape adding the visual with all guns blazing. Jenna Talia and crew( Sinderella on Bass, Dirtbag on Drums and Scoff on Guitar) were on living breathing history lesson on what punk was in the mid to late 70's. Not copping anyone sound or style but more of a vibe thing. Literally, to use a phrase Jenn herself describes the bands live show" Punk Rock Theater". Jenn challenges a crowd and at once becomes not only the singer but the spectacle sacrificing bones and muscle for driving the point home with a well planted boot or writhing on a beer soaked floor. No police topicality hold this band back. Highlights were the songs Wreckage,I Need Sex,Punk Love and 18 Wheel Murder Machine. I was exhausted after their set simply watching and having my senses just blown away. Highly recommend checking this band out anywhere or anytime you get a chance.