German Scene Report
by Samuel el Action of the TDS Faction

Germany best know for its beer and exploits in WWII, but in reality there is a very large underground scene thriving in the land of lederhosen. There are many different clubs and still surviving squats that put on amazing shows that can go on until the break of dawn. One of my favorite clubs in Germany has to be the Sonic Ballroom ( in Cologne. The club is small, smokey and dirty! The club owner Roman is the front man for one of the most exciting live acts in Germany, Shitfuckers Dick and the Buring Assholes. The name it’s self will scare the shit out of you, and the live performance lives up to it’s name sake. Shitfuckers bring fast, hard, 80s style punk to the table. The comparison would proably be the Blood. Guts and Pussy album from the Dwarves. The songs are short, sweet and chaotic. Front man Roman shows his age only by the style of the music, but on stage the almost 40 year old is running and jumping around like Blag in his heyday. A full length titled “The Scent of Galnds” has been released on Sonic Ballroom Records and is a must have. The Shitfuckers are not a live act to miss, check out their tunes and shows dates at


Around the corner only about an hour away from Cologne is the city of Aachen. By day the city is a beautiful picturesque tourist spot. Then at night the scum rises from the sewers and the city is taken over by the underground. The scene in Aachen is largely into more straight 70s punk rock. At the forefront of the scene is the band Nazi Dogs. This crew of social rejects play punk like the originates of the sound. Dirty rock with snobby vocals that are piped out by the gigantic singer Karsten. I mean he is not so tall as 4Way by almost. The songs are really catchy and have great sing along choruses. Karsten another veteran at the punk game has actually spent many a summer in California going to see shows that would never make it to Germany. His body is a canvas for of Cali punk, featuring the Germs, Screamers and many other old band logos. The band plays regularly live and did a tour with Rattus form Finland in 2005 . The Nazi Dogs stick to the roots and have recently released an LP on Road to Ruin Records. The CD is soon to be released on TKO records. So watch out for those and to keep you busy till then go and visit their website at


Now a bit south east of Aachen about a 3 hour drive in a car, you can find the city of Darmstadt. Directly translated into English Darmstadt means Intestine City! Also it is the home of the Frankenstein Castle. Now what could one expect from a city named after a portion of you digestive system and the birth place of one of the original outcasts, Skeleton Army. Another team of old schoolers still beating away at the scene. The Army are old hands at this game. Heavily influenced by Antiseen and GG Allin, the lay down antisocial scumbag punk rock that could hold a candle to any competitors. With anthems such as “Dead in my Head” and “Meatroll Diet” the boys from Intestine City do not disappoint. They have a great CD split out with Hillside Strangler from Detroit on Starwhore music. Now the recording is great and all but the live show is a whole other story. The band just rips, but the Rev. Beef Boloney on the microphone is amazing. His dirty Lemmy like vox are great and when he takes off his shirt to reveal 8 inch letters “Bite it you Scum” tattooed on his back he has you attention fully. Under this GG mantra is a foot and half picture of a hand flipping you off. Then when you think you have seen it all, the Rev disrobes and takes out a large black dildo. He proceeds to insert the dildo in his ass and leave it there for about a third of the song while he belts outs the chorus on the infamous “Cock on the loose.” At the end of the song he removes the dildo and tastes it with his tongue to make sure it was far enough up his rectum! Another live act, not to be missed! Stay updated on Skeleton Army happenings at


About a 45 minutes east of Intestine City is the town of Butt Monkey Castle....or Aschaffenburg. Butt Monkey Castle is also the translation into English with a little alteration. This is a small suburb town with a beautiful castle that is right on the Main River. This town is also home to the band Scheisse Minnelli (pronounce SHIZA). This band consists of 3 native Germans and a Californian front man. The band has been together for about 2 years and has played live consistently for the past year and a half. Mix Black Flag with DRI and a dash of Verbal Abuse and that will point you in the direction of Scheisse Minnelli. The band did a 10 day tour last year with Italian legends Raw Power. The band has also been know for chaotic live acts with sarcastic shit talking that has been misinterpreted more than once and therefore resulting in some very intense nights. The band presses on though and have world wide tours planned for April and July of this year. Last September their full length “Exist to get Piss’t” was put out on a new DIY label called Team Welfare Records. The release has been met with mixed reviews, but their fan base has hailed it as a favorite. These guys are playing live quite a bit so check out their site for the lasted gig that might be coming to a club or squat near you


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