@ the Barrowlands 2, Glasgow 23-5-05
featuring Conflict, Subhumans,
Happy Spastics, Fire Exit, and Meinhof.

Review By: Dod

extinction of mankind

Arrived at the venue which was very small not what I had expected for an all day punk event, it was pretty much just small pub.
The Happy Spastics

A punk band from Edinburgh was on but it was their last song, managed a couple of photos.


There was only to be 15 minutes turn around
between each band.


Were up next, this three piece DIY punk band hails from Germany but now live in London.

Singer Rosy is very aggressive and so was their music and this is the message they wanted to put out.


Fire Exit

Formed in December 1977 in Glasgow and still playing whenever and wherever
they can. Good
old fashioned punk music.

They played Wheel chair, out of control, and Time wall of their 1st single.

They also did covers of the vibrators whips and furs
and the boys first time.

Gerry likes to walk amongst the crowd whilst singing getting
them to join in too.

Speaking with Gerry the singer after the gig he was telling me
that they look like they will get the support slot for the upcoming
New York Dolls tour.



Took to the stage and the full intensity of their show is hard to put in to words, Col is a front man of great stage presence walking and jumping round with venom.

Hoddy on guitar is a man possessed playing it like I’ve never seen before, thumping it with his fist (till his fingers bleed), hitting it with his head, screaming and walking up close and personal to the crowd.

The crowd are going mental and the barriers to keep the crowd away from the stage are in adequate and come crashing to the ground with the pressure of the pushing crowd. It landed on me and I decided to go to the side to take photos I was                                         amazed nobody got hurt.



Took to the stage next and Dick Lucas is also a great front man with the veins in his neck bulging as he screams songs “all gone dead” “Mickey mouse is dead” but it was “Subvert city” that has
the barrier crashing (you would have thought they would have moved it further back and got more staff in to hold it) down for the 1st time during the set.

All gone dead
I don’t wanna die
Waste of breath
Nothing I can do
T.v. wars
Til the pigs come round
Not me
B – men
Someone is lying
Mickey mouse is dead
Subvert city

Finally, both Conflict and Subhumans put on shows that are really
in your face, powerful and brilliant and totally punk at its best.


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