Having grown up in New York, Donna Destri has constantly played tugawar with fame. Her brother, the main songwriter in the Hall of Fame band Blondie, achieved it all. But Donna is no virgin to the music industry. She was on Bowie's MainMan label, and recorded billboard charting dance singles (England, Holland, Italy, and Poland). As well as this, she was asked by DEBBIE HARRY to record with Blondie. She has sung back up on the number hit song, "Maria" in 1999 as well as fan favorites such as "Living in the Real World." She has also made an impact on the dance music scene, recording with Man2Man, playing on tracks that have had more air-time in Mexico than any other song. Now she has teamed up with Steven Jones (Etrangers Musique), who is no stranger to fame himself. After touring the world, producing, writing and performing, he has teamed up with Donna Destri. In fact, he has rescued Donna from the life she is living as a glamorous college lecturer. The self proclaimed "milf" has recently recorded several tracks with Jones, and is planning a series. She has recorded a new single "Some of Your Time" available to download now from Itunes on the Etrangers Musique label. A follow-up single 'Fire' will feature mixes by MAN PARISH and PAUL ZONE as well as UK based DJ ALIBI.