I have come to the conclusion, whilst being down with a horrible case of flu, bronchitis and conjuctativitis, that I have discovered why people love reality t.v. God knows, whilst being unable to expose my sight to much light, and needing to keep a regular speedway path open to my bathroom, most of my time was spent in bed watching, when my eyes allowed it, reality t.v. shows from all walks of life. And the conclusion is in....reality t.v. allows us to being to justify cheering on bullies, skanks, gold diggers, and any other ill form of humanity that, in our wildest fantasies, we wish we could be in real life during bad situations, but common decencey prohibits us from doing so. We live vicariously through reality t.v. and it's time we take a long hard look at what we are idolizing and condoning in the process.
The public is now trying to send a message that cyber bullying and bullying in general needs to stop because we are losing it's victims to suicide and at the least, the destruction of self esteem and character. And we should be saying, "enough is enough" but it's hard to be a society preaching non bullying or prejudice when we tune in every week to see dance mom's scream at other little girls that their daughter is better than the recipient of the tirade, toddlers fighting for crowns calling telling each other their mums dress them like whores, or a housewife who says, in regards to a fellow housewife they don't get along with, that they'll "bury a knife in her jugular vein".
In the majority of reality shows on t.v., if there isn't a plot based upon lying, scheming, name calling, cat fights, back stabbing, fists flying, furniture smashing, conniving, adultry and all the other ugly little portions of life in general, the show loses steam and falls to the side of the road. America has become addicted to watching people tear each other to shit and the only thing missing is the emperor giving the thumbs down and a lion devouring the loser.
"Reality TV", I mean, come on...whose fucking reality is this? Seriously, I've been a housewife and I have never been able to spend money like some of these so called housewives do, or sit around drinking cocktails in a dress that costs what my entire year's income costs. I don't have a perfume named after me, you don't see my face endorsing plastic surgery in Mexico, the media won't go apeshit if i decide I want to take up pole dancing and I don't cook holiday meals for 50 or 60 people that looks like a food line up from the Golden Corral buffet, either. You're lucky if you get a cup of coffee when you come to my house and now THAT is reality.
Reality is the plain and simple fact that you're a survivor if you can pay the rent, put food in your kids mouths, and keep them warm. Sitting on a tropical island and trying to feed yourself and keep warm might be a bitch, but try being someone on a fixed income trying to pay heating bills while living in an area with ass kicking winter storms, tornados, flooding, hurricanes and whatever else mother nature decides to throw at ya...NOW THAT'S A SURVIVOR!!
And, I'm sorry, but the "It Will Get Better" PSA's the LGBT community are sending out will work if and only if,their shows about "A Lists" and drag queens quit with the name calling, obscenities, sluttiness, undermining and abusive behavior they seem to relish. One action negates the other; practice what you preach and what you wish to achieve, otherwise you've made a mockery of your cause and embarrassed many of your colleagues.
Teen age pregnancy is a fact of life but it's not something you set up a t.v. show about and glorify the idea that if a teen girl gets pregnant, she might get on t.v. make money and have a good life but while doing it, it's ok to partake in domestic violence in front of your kids, have fist fights with other girls, and think it's admirable to be sent to jail. Prior to reality t.v. those where things that more than likely got your ass kicked by your parents and the end results weren't pretty.
The saddest fact is, some jackass is making mega bucks off you people partaking in reality t.v. shows while making you look like moronic, low class, spoiled rotten, ill manned buffoons. That's the reality of that t.v.
Me, I'll stick with watching men go gator hunting in the swamps. No glitz, glam, or Dom Perignon there...just real people, trying to feed their families the best way they know how. Kinda like most of us, eh? Now that's REALITY!