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Dark Diva Biography

  Originally from North Dakota, I am an older than average rock and roll fanatic who has sung and played in bands of all types in the past and been in LUV with the boys in the bands since Moses parted the Red Sea.  Oh the days of the glam boys and the big hair, how they bring back the warm and fuzzy feelings to my little heart.

   While lucky Ms. Bebe Buell was getting to meet and wow all the darlings of rock and roll, I sat in my desk in high school with copies of Creem magazine hidden in my notebooks and drooled over the New York Dolls, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and fantasized my ass off!

   Now here I am writing my twisted words of debauchery for you, divorced, no children, (lost my only child at six months) and hanging out in the midwest and other places from time to time dragging my two black cats with me.  I smoke like a fiend, cuss like a sailor and can drink you under the table if the mood strikes and I can be the most twisted,  entertaining person you can be around.  Let's face it, there's not too many chicks who will go into a bar in a conservative, bible thumping state with seven gay men and sing, "Up Against the Wall We'll Have a Gang Bang", but I  have a heart the size of Texas for those I love and care about.

  I "met" Ms Ginger Coyote via MySpace and it was the best thing I ever did because I adore this woman and so many of the other punk ladies who still shine brightly regardless of age.   "Ginga", as I call her, is like my soul sister and when  she asked me to contribute to Punk Globe, it was such an honor to be considered.  The Punk Globe readers and fans are the fucking bomb and I love ya all, and the people who make Punk Globe what it is are exceptionally talented and my hat goes off to them.

Email: darkdiva@punkglobe.com