Corndogs:  Sexy?
from L.A. WEEKLY

Corndogs: Sexy?

Talk about a ladies-of-the-’80s flashback. “Oh Mickey” mama Toni Basil and“Johnny, Are You Queer?” crooner Josie Cotton — both in the same week? Strange, but true. Cotton and iconic actress Karen Black (c)aroused at the party for the new DVD film Phone Sex last Saturday — along with local legends Ginger Coyote, Pleasant Gehman and Iris Berry. (Did these chicks discover the fountain of youth or something? Nobody who’s partied that much should look this good.)

The film came together when director Steve Balderson asked his crazy array of scenester and celeb pals the question “What is sexy?” and told them to leave their answers on his phone machine. The responses he got — including bits from Ron Jeremy, Margaret Cho, Jayne County and Tura Satana — are an audio mishmash ranging from kinky to sweet to downright bizarre. (Gehman’s lascivious laundry list takes the cake.) Balderson illustrates it with stock footage and visuals both illuminating and nonsensical; the result is a tour de force of freakiness. The wine-fueled party — held at DJ Senor Amor’s groovy Hollywood shop, Retropia — had its moments too. Guests were asked to scribble their own turn-ons on heart-shaped Post-its, which they slapped on the walls and merch throughout the store: Corndogs, Clean Fingernails, Leos and the ever-subtle Cock were just a few of the answers strewn about.