Classics of love review
Review by Explode
(Photos Courtesy of Dod)

Classics of Love

So to another night of punk rock abandon at Drummond's (courtesy of those nice chaps at GFN Promotions). I arrived just as Crashdown were starting their set. I’ve seen them several times before and just can’t take to them. Tonight was no exception. Never ones to let a good tune get in the way of another unnecessary tempo change or an opportunity to show off with some OTT fret wankery, their polite pleas for people to dance fell on deaf ears.
The same didn’t apply to The Hijacks. Their high-tempo melodic ska-core got heads bobbing and feet tapping from the off. These guys get better every time I see them. Their three way vocals and infectious hooks reminds me vaguely of Against All Authority or someone of that ilk, but like I say the comparison is vague. These guys have their own style and are a joy to watch, bouncing all over the stage and always looking like they’re having the time of their lives.
Asian Man head honcho Mike Park was up next giving us a solo acoustic set that included a Billy Bragg cover and material from his former band The Chinkees. Deciding that the amplified sound onstage was too loud, Mike unplugged his guitar and came down from the stage to give us the second half of the set in a more intimate manner as he stood shoulder to shoulder amongst the crowd playing unplugged. A nice touch.
Finally Classics of Love took to the stage and, despite various setbacks (broken guitar, borrowed guitar, broken strings), proceeded to tear Drummond's apart. Jesse Michaels was at pains to let us know that it wasn’t HIS show, that it was a band in the true sense of the word. And so it proved to be as Mike Huguenor and Morgan Herrell played their instruments and delivered their backing vocal harmonies to perfection. At times there was a hint of Fugazi, at times a hint of The Briefs and on one track, a huge nod to the hardcore of the Bad Brains. Jesse claimed he was struggling with a cold but there was no indication of that as he dispensed with is guitar and bounced all round the Drummond's stage, even leaping from atop the PA stack at one point. Bags of energy. The short set was based around the material on their current six track EP, the standout on the night for me being Slow Car Crash. Perhaps inevitably, the set closed with a breakneck run through Operation Ivy classic The Crowd that saw a mass outbreak of moshing and even the rare sight of crowd surfing at Drummond's! Of course, after this the crowd was baying for more as they unplugged their guitars but, being such a new band, they didn’t have any more songs left to play. I hope they return when they do.