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Los Difuntos
Los Difuntos CD Cover

Punk Globe: So first off,Thanks SO much for letting Punk Globe interview you.

Christian: It's not a problem. It's always cool when people show an interest. Thank you for even considering interviewing and featuring us. It gives us a buzz.

Punk Globe: So I have to ask whats the story behind your band name?

Christian: The name Los Difuntos translated is "The Deceased". It's a reflection of where I was raised, with so many cemeteries around, it was a real eerie environment and played a big role as my artistic self grew up.
It also reflects the dead end attitude of a lot of people. We can all be viewed as the deceased. The dead eyed kids that hang on the street corners, but there is always more to us than people think. Some would think it's just psychobilly cliché, but it's not There is always something going on a bit deeper with us.


Punk Globe: When did you know rock music was what you wanted to do for a career?

Christian: Since I was a kid. Honestly, music always caught my attention.
I would lip sing, write songs in my head, and then late elementary I learned how to play the recorder (laughing). But by the time I hit junior high I was hooked. It was then I fell in love with music completely. I started playing drums and seeking out a band. Unfortunately everyone I played with just did covers and I wanted to go beyond that. So I picked up the guitar and right away I started writing songs simply from learning 4 power chords.
As years have passed I was sure this was the career I wanted and still want. Nothing will dissuade me from the path I've chosen.

Punk Globe: Anything in your life drastically influenced your sound or lyrics?

Christian: Yes the crazy times in my life (parents divorcing, depression, family troubles, lack of direction) have all influenced my lyrics. It's impossible to separate my life experiences from the music. Regardless of, if the experience is negative or positive. It all goes into the mix.
Right now the sound of the band comes from all my different music influences to. Punk, Rap, Folk and classical. I just love music and that's why some of my songs come out sounding different than others. It shades the total sound.

Punk Globe: What's the weirdest fan story you have?

Christian: Hmmm I really don't have a weird fan story yet, but let me think... we did have a fan who was at every show we played in the L.A. area and always hires us to play for his birthday parties and any other party he throws for fun till this day. But then again he turn out to be one my best friends and that's why I love doing what I do.

Punk Globe: Do you believe this is the band for you and that you will stay around along time?

Christian: Definitely, this is the band I put my heart and soul into. Its been more than 5 years, and more than a dozen members that have come and gone, but the core idea of the band remains strong. I can't imagine my life without Los Difuntos. I managed to accomplish a lot of my goals when I started the band and this is only the beginning. So while I'm Alive Los Difuntos will keep on rockin.

Punk Globe: Who would you most like to tour with?

Christian: GOGOL BORDELLO! A band that is fun to watch and great to hear. I think they would just make our day if we would just watch them perform on tour even if we didn't play (laughing) That band has grown drastically and reach bigger audience outside the punk community. I saw them perform 4 years ago and I felt in love with their energetic performance. Great Musicians and Entertainers!

Punk Globe: What is your biggest goal as a band for 2009?

Christian: Our biggest goal is to tour the World. Especially cities where our fans ask us to come play. We want to meet new people make new friends and fans. It's a dream that I am determined to make a reality. We need to get out there and we're not afraid to do the work that will push us to the fore.

Punk Globe: Tell me about your most humbling moment as a musician?

Christian: There has been plenty of moments.
I've had my run ins with people who I've respected. It's life.
Although with time and hindsight I would like to think that I can look back on my actions and be critical of myself. If I've been wrong in the past I'm man enough to put my hands up and say so. It humbles me when people support me when I do fuck up. It humbles me when I get second chances. It humbles me that there are people who have my back. Basically I'm learning as I go and sometimes it's a steep learning curve, but I'll get there.
I used to be young and hot headed. Now I want to channel that more productively.

Los Difuntos Live
Los Difuntos Live

Punk Globe: How much has Rancid and or Tim and Lars influenced you?

Christian: A whole lot! Lets put it that way. Times when I had no one during my teen years, I put on a Rancid record and helped me get through some hard times. That to me is a big influence. Not only that, but it made me write the music I have today. So If I could influence the new generation of kids and people who are experiencing hard times with my music then I'm on the right path. Damn man. I even got a Rancid "Let's Go" tattoo. That band means so much to me.

Punk Globe: How did you and the Rancid boys get together?

Christian: I got to know them through my friend Dave. Tim is one of the kindness people you could ever meet. I kept seeing Tim here and there at shows and we always had a good conversation. Then in Dec 05 I was invited to the Epitaph Christmas party and that's where Tim said to me he loved the 3 song ep and wanted to sign Los Difuntos to Hellcat Records. I still can't forget that event. It's stuck in me for the rest of my life.

Punk Globe: Do you believe punk was started in the U.K or NY?

Christian: Hey. Your trying to get me to nail down something that just flows. What about The Stooges, MC5, Sonic, NY Dolls. I could go on and on. If I really have to give an answer then its going to have to be New York with The Ramones though and the whole CBGBs, Max's Kansas City scene.
Hands up that I'm more of a Clash guy though, but I love both the US and UK scenes. Just the passion that Mr. Strummer had was incredible and very inspirational.

Punk Globe: If you could have dinner with a dead rock star,who would it be and why?

Christian: Don't know if some would consider him a Rock Star or a Rap star but with no doubt it would be Eazy E. He was just true to his music, rapped what he wanted and didn't care what people thought.
He had good music, good lyrics and overall he was a good business man. Plus I'm sure he would have had the ladies on the dinner table. So who wouldn't of loved being there with him.

Punk Globe: What's the most challenging thing during your whole musical process?

Christian: Keeping the band together, its hard to have some members who are not on the same page as I am. Some end up changing their style and start playing something that's the opposite of what they thought they loved. Some just seen money ahead of them, and some where lazy.
Right now I got members who are dedicated and good people. It's all looking good at the moment. Everyone who has been in the band has brought something different to the table though. It's just that sometimes it doesn't work out.
I guess you've just got to always move forward and never look back.


Punk Globe: Any major tours news coming up for you guys anytime soon?

Christian: We just finished a 3 week West Coast tour, but we definitely want to get back on the road soon! Especially with our album coming out in a coupled of days.

Punk Globe: Also,how does growing up in the places you did inspire your music?

Christian: Broken homes, gang life, violence at home or on the streets will definitely inspire and shape the music, but you also go to look at the positive in this.
It's that old saying of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, to me it only made me stronger as a person and it helps that I'm street wise.

Punk Globe: What's your favorite song on the album,which one would you recommend people check out

Christian: I would have to say all of them. I honestly can't decide on one. Maybe I'm too close to it. I wrote them all from my heart and they all have a meaning to me. If I was pushed then I would have to say that "Lucy" is probably my favorite due to the fact that its very poetic. Add in that Matt Freeman (Rancid) was kind enough to fly down From Oakland to L.A. to be part of it, and then laid down some awesome vocals and that makes it that extra bit special to me.

Punk Globe: Anything you would like to say to Punk Globe readers?

Christian: Thank you for even considering in reading this interview and if you want to know more about Los Difuntos check out our Myspace and our music.

Punk Globe: Thanks SO much for your time!

Christian: Thank you!

Interview by Kim Acrylic Punk Globe magazine 2008

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Los Difuntos
Los Difuntos Live