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"A Biography Of a Bar
San Francisco 1986- 1990"

Alfie Kulzick

By: Ginger Coyote


The Chatterbox had to be one of the best clubs in San Francisco during the mid 80's... In fact I would have to say The Chatterbox would be in my top five clubs of all time.... The club hosted bands such as NOFX, White Trash Debutantes, The Jackson Saints, Motorcycle Boy, Stevie Stiletto, Osgood Slaughter, Haunted Garage and the Man who helped name the club Mr. Johnny Thunders.

This DVD features live footage along with interviews by the people who help make it happen.. Produced by the Woman behind the club Ms. Alfie Kulzick and Edited by Wayne Schotten.. Running time is 117 minutes and is available at www.chatterboxbar.com

For people who went to The Chatterbox it will bring back fun memories.. As Alfie- herself so perfectly put it
"When you could work part time and PARTY FULL TIME in San Francisco... Those day's are gone for good..."
For people who did not get to go it will help you see just what YOU MISSED!!

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