the bright lights and downtown nights
by Sober Jake Jack Off

the bright lights

of the downtown nights

seduce sleeping beauty

the dragon lay asleep

deep within, hallow corridors,


with furious

wild uproar,

savage hunger

waiting to devour;

from within,

the consious relms

my fragile mind

its soft bitten

intense madness

with each emotion

i feel a life time;

of pain

of love

or whatever

its all surging

through my fleshy existance

its unconcerning about my early demise

for i have already felt more

then mere mortals


and you

my genuine rarity

my foul mouthed vixon

frolic in my mind

i ask u baby

come play my game

I'll show you love

but i warn you intensity

like passion

is how i live,

how i speak

how I'll die

thats why

thats why!!!

i tied your belt

tight around my kneck

just to see how it felt;

to be hung up;

on a girl

i feel her heart beat

and her tongue dart

slipping back;

from dreams.

I awake

shes gone

for now

Im free

its all just a thought

racing to the truth
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