Bloody Muffs
Blue Waffle Breakfast
Photo's and Review By: Michael Rys
Damn , what a great month August has been for listening to the Cad's that having been piling up to review. New York's The Bloody Muff's new one just puts the icing on the cake. I swear I feel like that big delivery dude in the Miller commercials who goes around snatching beers form pompous twits and gives it to those more deserving. Its my jobs to stick my head in your window and tell you to turn off that drivel your chick is making you listen to and crank so great new shit! Blue Waffle Breakfast is one of those Cd's you need to get your grease monkey hands on. This is their third platter and its sounds no less raw,no less hungry than the 1st and 2ND ones. Which is unusual , as some bands lose their edge ...Part of the reason for this may be the bands old fashioned approach to gaining new fans. Get this... they play shows and they tour! Yup they tour sacrificing many of the creature comforts at home to get out in the middle of no where and play for 10 people or 200 people. The Bloody Muffs are not out to earn a casual fan who's gonna come out to a show once, they wanna hook you with a killer live set and Cd's which capture that live energy. They sure accomplish that with this 10 song piece of punk rock fur pie.Lyrically the songs have darker tone to them but still sparks with sick humor,drugs, booze and plenty of sex.Crisp clear recording, and I swear it sounds like it was recorded live.The vocal melodies form Jessica ( Bass) and Kat ( Drums) contrasting Bryan's vocals is a great musical beauty and the beast. The Bloody Muffs have sped up the tempo's on quite a bit on this new album but still manage to keep that classic NYC punk guitar sound.Once again The Bloody Muffs make it difficult t choose favorite tunes on this record but if your holding Byran rubber chicken to my head I'm gonna choose I Don't Want You Anymore, I Want To Fuck You,Toothy Vagina, and Yoink.

You cant go wrong with this CD. The Bloody Muffs Blue Waffle Breakfast is my pick of the summer to get me moving and chase pop music listening to losers off the beach with.

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