Roberta Bayley
y Carl Macki



Blondie Unseen 1976-1980
By Roberta Bayley

Plexus, London, May 2007; reissue
144 pgs.

235 p
hotos color and B&W
$24.95 trade paperback

Blondie, which came to light in 1975, and broke up in 1982, following the diagnosis of a rare disease by founding member Chris Stein's in 1982; then reunited several times after that, was possibly the most commercially successful band of the punk/new wave scene in the mid-to-late nineteen seventies.

They sold over 50 millions records world wide and produced a slew of number one singles.

In 2006 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During their lulls, lead singer Deborah Harry launched her solo singing career and a successful foray into acting.

Who better than Roberta Bayley to create such a likely tribute to the band and cap off the nostalgia for the classic punk/new wave New York scene of the late seventies?  As one of the chief photographers for New York-based Punk Magazine--she got a job there after engaging in some funny repartee with co-founder Legs McNeil while manning the door at CBGBs--Bayles was well situated to meet and photography many of the key performers and bands of that important period and place. But the main feature are the 235 raw and candid photographs of the band, occasionally with other punk legends like Joey, David Johansen, Billy Idol and Joan Jett.

Bayley is widely represented as a photographer in many books on punk culture, and is the author of The Blank Generation Revisited: The Early Days of Punk Rock (1997). and Punk (1978, 2002) , with Dike Blair and Isabelle Anscombe. Like any qreat action photographer, she is able to capture the band in action situations without much posing. This book, however, is not a deep biography of the band, a la Making Tracks: The Rise Of Blondie, the book by Victor Bokris, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein that came out in 1982.

Highly recommended--check out

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[30 August 2000]

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