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"Incredibly Strange Tales from an Incredibly Strange Wrestler"


By Bob Calhoun
Foreword by
V. Vale

Book Review by Carl Macki

For a writer, he's not so strange, just vivid and colorful. Even comforting, as he nuances the edges to soften the scariness of the insanity on which he reports.
As a wrestler in high school, I found this account of Calhoun's (aka known as Count Dante) wierd and wonderful experiences in the ring on the mat to be about as refreshing as an elbow is the jaw. Really. It is painfully exciting and Calhoun is a master at weaving you in, grappler to the end.
We don't have to compare it to or harken back to the days of Gorgeous George or even Andy Kaufman to appreciate the wit and brilliance of Calhoun's narrative of his own bouts and others in this movement (punk rock-style lucha libre seems to be in a sleeper hold for now--but I could be wrong on this).
In addition, the author is the co-writer of The Godfather of Grappling with Gene Lebell, who is a guru of sorts in the wrestling, martial arts and stunts field.
I highly recommend this book by a gifted writer who also tours with his band
Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. I think he'll be appearing at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago in September as well.