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"Air Kisses For The Masses"

By Ginger Coyote


Bebe Buell is a very near and dear friend...we have known each other over 25 years....She is an incredible talent and I was eager to ask her about her new her new single,
"A Kiss For The Masses" that was written by a close
friend who passed away a couple years ago. 


Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Bebe..I know you are about to launch your new single from your upcoming CD. Can you tell us about it? 

Bebe: It is called "AIR KISSES FOR THE MASSES" and it was written by a dear friend of mine who passed away a couple of years back. His name is Dean Johnson and his band was The Velvet Mafia. I covered it to pay tribute to his brilliant song writing. The lyrics are very "now," filled with pop culture references. Dean had a way with words. We put our own spin on it musically and made it our own. 

Punk Globe: You were very close with the late Joey Ramone. Can you tell the readers about your friendship. 

Bebe: Joey had a big heart and if he loved your band he would try and help out. His putting my band The Gargoyles on some of his shows and parties led to many things in my career. He was very supportive and gave great advice. I miss his a lot. With him gone the lower East Side is just not the same. 

Punk Globe: I understand that Mickey Leigh has invited you to perform at the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash..Who else is playing the party? 

Bebe: I think this year Fishbone are playing. That should be cool. Several surprises, too, I'm told. The entire line-up isn't out just yet but that show is annual and always sells out. It's a great room to play -- The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza -- wonderful stage and sound. I'm honored to be part of it and to help raise money for Joey's charity. 

Punk Globe: The venue where the party is at this year has a new name, right?

Bebe: The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza. The room used to just be called "Irving Plaza" until recently. 


Punk Globe: What is the name of your new CD Bebe? 

Bebe: The single is called "Air Kisses For The Masses," and my album will be called "MUSESQUE." Twelve songs. 

Punk Globe: Tell us who is playing on the CD with you, and who produced it? 

Bebe: It is produced and recorded by TWINOMATICK -- a duo. Jimmy Walls & Bobbie Rae. They played everything and wrote all the music. I wrote the songs and concepts. 

Punk Globe: I was lucky enough to hear an advance copy of the CD and it sounds great. Have copies been sent out for review yet? 

Bebe: Not formally -- the single just dropped on April 15th, so we'll work that before the album is released. I poured my heart and soul into this record. It is very autobiographical. 

Punk Globe: Will you be backing the new CD with a tour? 

Bebe: We will be doing it all. The next show will be June 24th at Hiro Ballroom in NYC, and by the late Fall the entire tour should be booked and confirmed. I am doing Europe, too. I'm pretty excited about all the traveling. LOVE IT! 

Punk Globe: In Europe you are a huge star any plans to play there? 

Bebe: My dream is to play Berlin. I've never played there in all my years of performing. But yes, we will play as many places that will have us. 

Punk Globe: You recently launched a new Website can you give the readers the address? 

Bebe: http://www.bebebuell.org and

Punk Globe: Your new website looks phenomenal who designed it? 

Bebe: This will be a good way to get people to visit the page -- their name is at the bottom. These people are fantastic!! Very creative and smart. My husband Jimmy also had a lot to do with the concept. 

Punk Globe: How about your MySpace and Facebook addresses? 

Bebe: I'm on Facebook but I don't know the address. Just search my name I guess. My personal page on My Space is


Punk Globe: You have always had an eye for spotting new talent. Can you recommend anyone for us to keep an eye on? 

Bebe: I'm in love with "Living Things." Great band!! And I'm pretty thrilled to have just found out there is a new band called "Chester French," who have a song on their new record called "Bebe Buell". It is track #3. Their record just dropped on April 21st. Google 'em. There is lots of YouTube footage of them doing "Bebe Buell". Very adorable!! 

Punk Globe: Any CDs that are in constant rotation in your CD player? 

Bebe: Right now "The Kings Of Leon" and of course,
 "The White Trash Debutantes!!

Punk Globe: Any words of advice for Punk Globe readers, Bebe? We would like to thank you for taking the time for this interview.. We love you Bebe! 

Bebe: "People will talk shit about you for your entire life. It doesn't matter what anyone calls you. It's what you answer to that's important!" 

Be sure to get your tickets for the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash this year at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza... We would like to thank Bebe for the great interview. 

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