Beat Motel Fanzine-  Issue 2:

by Steve DIY

I love getting fanzines through the post especially ones you write for! Yeah I“ve got an article in there called “Never Mind The Ballots“and it“s pretty good if I say so myself! Anyway there“s plenty of great articles in here like the one on teenagers written by Michelle. Shark does another great one about how crap classifying bands to genres is. Spot on it is too! There“s another column on “Poo“ and some great shit stories, hehe! Brilliant article on Tesco“s the supermarket chain - I knew they were bastards but this has to be read to be believed. Some great interviews with The Ballistics and The Big plus the many reviews. Great fanzine - Plenty to read and it“s printed on recycled paper too! Only £1.50/$4 so pop along to the website.

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