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By Gerry-Jenn Wilson

Art Bergmann
"ART & SOUL!!!"

Everyone came out of the woodwork amid the Juno weekend frenzy in Vancouver, B.C. to pay homage to the return of the legendary Art Bergmann, who was accompanied by the original founders of his band "Poisoned" -- Taylor Little (Drums), Ray Fulber (Bass),
Susan Richter (Keyboards) plus guitarist Tony (Balony) Walker, to signify the release of CD

Art Bergmann
Art & Ray Fulber (Bass) relive a magical
moment from the "POISONED" Days!!!

Art Bergmann
Art & Tony Baloney shake what their Mama's gave 'em!

This disc is manna to those who have longed for the Bob Rock-mixed,
Paul Hyde -produced demo sessions that resulted in powerful versions of
"My Empty House"
or "Runaway Train" and then subsequently lamented the misguided production by John Cale on Bergmann's first official album, "Crawl With Me." The album is a loving restoration by Bearwood music, the production company set up by Fulber and Richter. Fulber now has a studio at Gibson's Landing, where one of his recent projects was Lowry Olafsen's "Borderline." It was mentioned prior to the gig that I should not expect Art to be the volatile trainwreck of days gone by. I was warned that this won't be the Bergmann whose hair-trigger temper could produce chaotic shows that would leave the music industry quaking in their boots! Art has been living a clean life on a farm in
Airdrie, Alberta, and is now beset by serious arthritis.....

Art Bergmann
Susann Richter kicks it out on the
keyboards for "Runaway Train"!!!

Art Bergmann
Vancouver's Taylor Little pounds on his Gretch kit for a killer version
of "My Empty House"...to a packed room of "ART BERGMANN LOVERS!!!!"

.... Rat Silo hit the stage & got the party started at Dix on Dix! This group is a molotov cocktail of ex-members of hit makers "The Sons of Freedom" & "Black Eye Buddha."
The band may have been clad in suit & ties but rocking was their business....and yes,...business was good!!! Don (Bunny) Binns on bass guitar thumped out his
"Killing Joke"
-infected locomotion while giving the lovely ladies in the audience a visual carrot to munch on! Singer/Swinger Jim Newton crooned faves from Rat Silo's CD, "What The Butler Saw." Newton's lyrics stick with you like a bad smell that you can easily acquire a taste for, from "Get up go to work go home go to bed" to "Dirty Gir,l" & "Your Daddy Says I Got To Go!" Rat Silo succeeded in lighting a "Purple Jesus Sized Flame" on the
Dix on Dix stage and got the hungry audience ready for the main event!

Art Bergmann
Rat Silo's fearless leader, "Jim Newton"
gets the party started smiling
like a Cheshire cat!!!

Art Bergmann
Don "Bunny" Binns thumping up a storm on his
4-String with The Rat Silo "Pack"!!!!

Art Bergmann may not be the man that allegedly once sold his Juno award for smack, but in the end...isn't that a good thing?!...I say..."HELL YEAH!!" Absence indeed made the crowds heart grow fonder for Ol' Art & his band mates who blazed through a nostalgic, tight as a nun's bad habit set! I personally was hoping for some tunes from his days with "The Young Canadians" ...like "HAWAII", but in the end...after 2 encores...all expectations were exceeded!!

Art Bergmann
Art belts out the crowd pleasers from his latest
"The Lost Art Bergmann" CD!!!
Produced by the legendary Bob Rock & Paul Hyde!!!!

Art Bergmann
Art's lost art is found at Dix on Dix!!!

Art Bergmann
(L to R)- Spank Machine Reunion at Art Bergmann's Juno Jamboree:
Gerry-Jenn Wilson, Ani Kyd (Alternative Tentacles),
Sonic Producer Stokely Seip, Engineer Brian WHO ELSE (NoMeansNo, D.O.A.,
Day-Glo Abortions, etc...) & The one & only Simon Snotface...
author of "Prisoner of Evil" on G.F.Y. Press/ JAK's Skateboard team enforcer!!!

Art Bergmann
The stunning Ms. ALEXA makes
her "Victorian Pork" cameo at
The POISONED/Art Bergmann reunion!

Art Bergmann
Marc Manhatten (Soul Kid #1/ Outrageous Valentinos)
picks his nose for Punk Globe while
Ms. Ani Kyd gives him a good tongue lashing!!

Art Bergmann
(R-L)...Craig Stapleton (Full Leather Jacket), Natural Blonde,
& Jim Flunkee (Singer for The Flunkees, Sluts n' Bozos,
& The Strolling Clones) groove on
"Art Bergmann's FULLHOUSE!"

Art Bergmann
DAN WANN-A-BEE (towering above the crowd at 6 ft. 4')
gives PUNK GLOBE a smile,
wink & nudge on Canada's JUNO Wknd.
March 26th/2009 @ Dixon Dix!!!!

Art Bergmann
ZIPPY PINHEAD SANDWICH!!!!!....Photo l-r: 
Cute r&r Chick, Zippy Pinhead..drummer
for D.O.A., The Dils, The Fiends, etc.., & Marc Manhatten
(The Outrageous Valentinos, Soul Kid #1!!!

Art Bergmann
Stokely Seip (The Strolling Clones, City Space, Spank Machine Svengali), 
YOURS TRULY...Gerry-Jenn (JP5/Punk Globe), & Tony Baloney (Art Bergmann, & The Rubes!!!!

This "Punk Globe" correspondent hopes & "PRAISE" to see ART BERGMANN rocking behind his pulpit again...(sooner than later!)....Until next time, "Rock with your boots on!"...

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