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Here is my interview with Chris from In This Moment. Hope you all enjoy it!!!


AK: How is the tour going so far? It’s probably the most mundane question but everyone wants to know.

CHRIS: The tour has just been awesome so far. We’ve gained lots of new fans on this tour. We’re getting a lot of, ‘I’ve never heard of you before’ to ‘this stuff is awesome’.

AK: Good! Well I know you guys were in Madison about a week ago. Madison can be very crazy for a lot of bands. Especially last week, it was practically hell week for shows coming through here. I’m not sure how that went for you but I’m sure it was pretty packed.

CHRIS: Oh yeah! It was awesome, it was an awesome show.

AK: I know you guys played WJJO Band Camp in ’07. The band was taking a break off Ozzfest for that day and almost all the bands coming into town last week like Black Stone Cherry and Bobaflex said we’re going to play this year. We don’t care what we have to do we’re on. Do you remember Band Camp at all? It was a while ago.

CHRIS: Oh yeah! It was so much fun! We want to be there again it was so much fun.

AK: I know In This Moment is doing Warped Tour this year and in my opinion you are definitely the only true metal band. Do you know what stage you’ll be on yet like the Ernie Ball stage, the Hurley stage? Do you have any idea so far?

CHRIS: Yeah, we’re gonna be on the Ernie Ball stage. We’ll be headlining the Ernie Ball stage and playing with Aiden and a few other bands on there. The cool thing is we’ll be playing the same time everyday more towards the evening so we don’t have to be up at like 8am or 10am. We’re so excited it’s going to be amazing.

AK: Will you be playing the entire Warped Tour then or just a partial part?

CHRIS: It’s the whole thing.

AK: In This Moment also played Ozzfest and about two weeks ago there was a press release that Ozzy will not be playing Ozzfest this year but the tour will still go on. How do you feel about that? Do you think it will be the same without Ozzy headlining?

CHRIS: Uh, I don’t really know about that. I mean, I love Ozzfest, I love Ozzy, and you know, I know he’s working on his record right now. That’s probably why he’s not doing the Ozzfest. I can’t wait to see what it is this year. You know Ozzy, it’s Ozzy! He’s gonna keep going and the tour will still go on. I think I’m really excited to see what happens with Ozzfest in the next couple of year.

AK: So let’s talk about your new album, “The Dream.” for just a quick minute. The album charted on Billboard at #70 on the 200. I mean, that had to be an amazing feat! Explain to me how you felt when you found out it was on the charts.

CHRIS: We were really excited. It’s one of those things too we heard about it and knew we worked hard to do it. We worked really hard on the pre-sales and fans knew about it. We were so excited! I mean, we broke into the top 100; we sold 8,000 copies the first week, so it did better than our first album. We were really excited and still are and there’s really nothing better than that.

AK: There’s a lot of talk about Track 7 on the album, “Into the Light.” It’s definitely one of the most powerful songs on there. What inspired the band to do the song and I’m curious who played piano on the track?

CHRIS: Everyone loves the track in the band. We’ve written a whole bunch of stuff back and forth. Some of the guys live in LA some live in New York so we had to do that a lot in the recording process. This is the only track that came in after the fact. This is a track that is all Maria. She came up with the piano part and had a great vocal melody. She played it for the producer and us in the studio and everyone was like oh my god, we have to put that on the album. Maria played the piano on it and also came up with some of the arrangements on piano. It’s Maria’s song, she came up with it. The lyrics are written from the heart and she sings it great. It’s definitely a fan favorite.


AK: Would In This Moment ever think about doing a live album at all?

CHRIS: We haven’t done it yet. It’s only talked about when you talk about talk about we need 2 more albums. We never really actually talked about it but if the right circumstances came about we’d defiantly think about it.

AK: Would the band ever think about doing an all acoustic album or EP like Walls of Jericho did?

CHRIS: Absolutely, we actually talked about it off the last album we were almost thinking about doing it. Maybe release a special edition thing but it never really came about. We’ve always talked about that. It’s always something I think it would be really cool if we did it right. Maria’s really into it. We thought about it as this thing and we’ve definitely talked about it a lot. It’s definitely a real possibility for In This Moment to do something like that.

AK: Any new music from other bands you’re looking forward to hearing this year?

CHRIS: I’m looking forward to the new Lamb of God. I haven’t really heard anything as of yet.

AK: I’ve heard the first single…pretty damn good. Can’t even lie.

CHRIS: Yeah I’m just looking forward to hearing the entire album. They’re a killer group of guys.

AK: Chris, what inspired you to pick up a guitar and who are some of your first guitar heroes?

CHRIS: I was a kid and Kiss was huge with the makeup. Even when they took the makeup off it didn’t associate that with the music. Also Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, and Zakk Wylde.

AK: In This Moment is a heavily tattooed band. Who are some of your personal favorite tattoo artists and would you like to have any work done by any one you haven’t yet?

CHRIS: I see great art all the time. I say, ‘Wow I wish I could have work done by that person,’ and it’s all random people or whoever. I don’t know all the names of the famous guys but I’d have to say Paul Booth. I heard he does all his stuff freehand and he does amazing work.

AK: Ryan from Mudvayne is doing private bass lessons on this tour. He’s giving a portion of the proceeds to the American Humane Society. Would you ever think about doing something like this and to what causes?

CHRIS: I think it’s a great idea for him to do that. The humane society is a great cause I can’t think of a better one. If I had to do something different than that it would be maybe MS or something a little more personal. I love animals so I think that’s a great one.

AK: Maynard James Keenan makes wine, Marilyn Manson does art, and Rob Zombie directs movies. What is one thing you would like to do as a profession outside the music industry?

CHRIS: Outside the music industry, I’m not sure. I’d maybe do something with movies. I’m a big book reader. I read a lot of books that I really love I would love to see something done with into film.

AK: This is quite a loaded question. Otep said in an interview about 2 years ago that all female vocalists in metal are lesbians whether they want to admit it or not. How do you feel about that statement?

CHRIS: I think Otep is Otep, she’s very eccentric. I’m not sure if she has a reason to think that. I know Maria is not a lesbian so that’s not true. Maybe she means that in a different way. That’s something that is I wouldn’t say manly but is anti-prissy girl about going up there and belting it out. I know Otep has talked to us before and gave us congratulations on the album and our band. Maria has a boyfriend and everything so that’s not true here.

AK: Do you feel that having a female vocalist will have you work twice as hard and end up with less than half the payoff as time goes on?

CHRIS: With the way the band works I don’t think so. The band has worked really hard and I know of bands who’s had a popular front woman and said see ya later to the band and went off and did a solo project. In This Moment is comprised of everyone involved and it wouldn’t be In This Moment without all the people. Everyone brings certain things to the table and you just can’t recreate that. This band has something special together.

AK: If Maria could make an all female metal singing group like a thrashy Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls, who do you think she’d want on her team? AND Who would be the designated diva like Beyonce or Diana Ross?

CHRIS: (Laughter) Like metal, not singing?

AK: Yeah! Just metal (Laughter)


CHRIS: Maria would definitely be Diana Ross! She’d probably bring on Candace from Walls of Jericho and Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. I don’t really know! (Laugher)

AK: Last question is for you because you are an Ozzfest veteran. In This Moment played in 2007 and 2008. Previous bands I have interviewed have said they’ve paid around $75,000 to $80,000 which if you do the math is about $3,000 a day for 20 minutes. How did you guys feel about paying that much! That’s an extravagant amount but it is a huge tour.

CHRIS: The reason those bands pay that money is for the exposure. These bands pay to get on Ozzfest and the tour has had a huge impact on their careers. For example, the sales of their records increase tremendously. In the end it’s way beyond the $75,000 that you pay just to play. It’s the sales that you get and the exposure of the band. For certain bands that’s a huge gamble and it sometimes doesn’t pay off. There are other bands like Slipknot that it has helped overall. In This Moment is a great example of that. We got on the tour and were on the second stage and were so honored. We were so excited especially because of the free ticket promotion. To In This Moment, Ozzfest is what opened the band wide open. We were selling a certain amount of cd’s each week before the tour and then we played Ozzfest a couple months after that tour our sales were 15 times higher. People were talking about the band and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne said wow look at ITM. We’d love them on the tour. And at Ozzfest you know fans could buy our cd to get it signed and there we were the number 3 band right after Lamb of God and Hatebreed! Then they were like ok let’s get them on the Ozzy Osbourne arena tour and that opened up all these doors. Not only did it the cds sell better but we then we were also offered to open up for Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie on their arena tour. So it was definitely worth the money for In This Moment to do. It’s a gamble for any band to do but for In This Moment it paid off way more than $75,000.

You can check out In This Moment on tour now with Mudvayne and Nonpoint.

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