Antigone Rising
Smithís Olde Bar, Atlanta Ga
By: Cyndi Ford
When Blackheart Records suggests that you check out one of their artist, you just gotta say yes. I was kinda excited to see Antigone Rising, when I first saw their pics, they had a great look that just said, hell yea we can rock! So I checked out a tune, and thought, yea this could be quite interesting. It just so happened that the show was at a fave venue, so I agreed to check them out.

I knew just who to bring with me, Rhodes Robinson. I knew she would love their sound. So off we set on a hot summer night to head downtown. We had giggled and had a couple and our mood was most definitely festive when we got to Smithís.

We arrived at the perfect time, as this was an early show, something that was totally different but turned out to be wonderful. Kudos to the person doing the booking. Time to grab a beer, greet some old friends, and it was showtime.

The moment the girls took the stage and cranked it up, I knew it was going to be fun! We spent the first few songs trying to analyze who they each reminded us of...itís a girl thing. In my mind I thought of Mary Chapin Carpenter, or Lucinda Williams. Nini Camps, the singer looked like Susanna Hoffs, and belted the songs like her as well, smooth as silk. Cathy Henderson, looked like she could have been in Four Non Blondes, kicked major ass on the guitar, and had licks as good as any guy on lead could hope for! We had to rush the stage to check out the new guitar that she would change to for the song, nice collection babe~ Kristen Henderson, bless her heart did the best she could with her background vocals, with being sick. They were blessed, as some of their friends from A Fragile Tomorrow helped out; greatly appreciated, I'm sure. But she still blew me away with her bass skills, way to hold your own honey in spite of being ill. Dena Tauriello was fabulous on the drums, she did not over blow the song, but kept the beat going strong, and lent her vocals to make the harmonies blend together flawlessly. Marvelous performance girls.
They played a good set, and ended with a Fleetwood Mac cover, that really got the crowd going. nice touch~ Please, if you like America, or just appreciate a good band, check these girls out. They are very talented, and deserve you attention. Good luck girls, cheers to your success!