Anarchy in Aceh
Criminalizing Punk Rock Under Islamic law.
What Drummer Chris Kontos Wants To Do.....
To Help With A.F.A.R. - To Stop It.
By: Chris Kontos
I was talking to someone who was saying we got nothing to fight for... But yeah this is really fucked up and I can't think of much more to help people fight for... These are helpless kids being put in camps and forced into re-education class...tattoos gear and belonging destroyed...and when they come out of these camps beaten and brainwashed they will be branded as enemies of the state and will be lucky to be homeless or worse. This is fucking all out NAZI fucking rule. Please check out the link below to find out more
Again GOD as a sword of rule and law. We got it so good here I don't want to even go into to the level of cry baby shit we complain about here. I get the breakdown day after day from my friends in these places...I work with bands from these countries...I hear them and what they feel and have to fight for to be what they are and have the freedom to make music and speak their minds without the threat of being stoned to death or put in prison because of the government. With a fucking Protection of Information Act like the ANC in South Africa. Yes that means what Barry from the South African metal band Contrast The Water- says can land him in prison for 25 to Life!!! I know we have problems here with the homeless plight and children are starving here in the US of A . The economy is bad.. that is true! BUT... Maybe there is just too many of us here... Maybe people should stop using their bodies like fucking clown cars and knock off the baby milling for a few days... Don't get me wrong I am not anti USA...I love this land...I love these freedoms we have... I want to be part of this planet and evolve a bit if we can.... People who are stuck in these other fucked up countries need to come here so they can let the world know first hand what is going on.
The way women are treated in these countries ...the way the poor are people have no rights at home... They are not letting these kids in Indonesia let us know whats going on that's for sure. I just think that we have a lot to do as this planet gets smaller. As we get closer to each other and we need to think more like one race rather than "This Land Is My Land...FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE" The fight over GOD and what his name is or him just not being there at all and the preservation of ancient ways of thinking and the controlling of others with superstitions and myths has to be done away with if we are to advance to what are to become one day. Connection and the exchange of information with others around the world at will is something that will change this planet for the better- someday. We all fight on different fronts as my friend Craig Locicero always says. I will take a stand! I know about Music and Art along with the strong members of A.F.A.R. (Alliance For Artist Rescue) to let the world know that we are not going to stand for people being oppressed or tortured for their music and art. Nor the message conveyed in it. Like I would join a special Army that was put together just to go save these poor kids- given the chance. But that is terrorism right? In so many way we just have what we have coming to us after what we have done to the Native Americans with terrorism and unprovoked killing and rape. Time to think world wide cuz they are for sure!
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Punk Globe would like to thank Chris Kontos for making us all aware of these horrific atrocities that are happening to other human beings because they have chosen to be involved with punk rock and metal...... We urge you all to get involved and to support A.F.A.R.
Chris has played drums for Verbal Abuse, Machine Head and Testament. He is currently is drumming with Attitude Adjustment...