A Spotlight on
San Diego California's
Reviewed By: Ginger Coyote
This riotous Punk Band from San Diego, California was formed in early 2004 and they have been going strong since their formation... Revenge Club has been compared to L7, X and Babes in Toyland. Their musical influences are L7, The Dead Kennedys, Blondie, Bikini Kill and Jawbreaker.

They have recorded three CDs. Their first was released in 2005 and it was called "Shot Myself In The Foot" followed by "Your Underground" in 2007. Their latest CD "The Reds In Their Eyes" was just released in 2009...

Vocalist/ Guitarist Amy Paddack was elated with happiness when Revenge Club played support for former L7 Alumni Donita Sparks not too long ago.. Amy can also be seen in an all girl punk band called The Dirty Legs .. Lead Guitarist Tony, who used to play with The Whiskey Dicks, claims that he would sell his soul to the devil for Punk Rock.. Now that is some dedication Tony... Bass player Sean Lawson is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but he has landed with on both feet in San Diego.. Before Revenge Club he played with Blue Bottle, 66 Ohm and Hell Yeah! Pounding the Skins is Maggie,who originally is from Hawaii. She is now a permanent fixture in the San Diego Punk Scene.

Revenge Club have gotten an endorsement deal from Daisy Rock Guitars and recently signed a Developing Artist deal with Dirtbag Music.. Their song "Dove Stinger" will be included on the next "Arm The Pit" Compilation CD. It is nice to see a female fronted band with a kick ass female drummer proving Women Do Rock Harder!!!




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