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By Kim Acrylic


Punk Globe: Hello so nice to chat!
William: I'm already having an excellent good time!
Justin: I'm for it.
Punk Globe: So how did Perfume's "Noize" come to be?
William: Uh...Perfume is the name of the band...
Justin: Noize is what we make.
William: Perfume is actually the title of a Patrick Suskind book, and I thought that would be a cool name for a band,
the book has since been turned into a movie. Also, the name "Perfume" means a lot to me because it was my wife's perfume that inadvertently brought us together. NOIZE, the title of the EP, is just perfect and fitting because
it's what we do...make pretty noise.
Punk Globe: When it comes to songwriting what or WHO are your inspirations?
William: Beer.
Justin: I'll go with that. Beer.


Punk Globe: What was it like playing your first show?
William: Scary for the first ten minutes, and then after that...I don't really remember. I was kind
of drunk, just like right now.
Justin: Good.
Punk Globe: Your EP is great but why would YOU recommend Punk Globe readers check it out?
William: Because it will knock the shit out of your ass! And that's what you're looking for when you
listen to an EP, yeah?
Punk Globe: What's something really bizarre about you?
William: I collect fingernails. One day I will either sell them for stem cell research, or I'll have done nothing else with my life at the age of 80 and I will have the largest collection of toenails and fingernails and
I will go into the Guiness book.
Justin: I can light cigarettes with
my fiery red pubic hair.
Punk Globe: It's New Years Eve you ask
me to hang out, what do we do?

Justin: Throw pop-its at each other.
Pop-its are awesome.
Punk Globe: What's one band obsession
you can admit to?

William: Like a guilty pleasure?
Um...Justin Timberlake.
Justin: Mindless Self Indulgence. They're this really whiny, screamo, dance, pop/punk thing.
They're addictive.
Punk Globe: First record ever owned?
William: I'm just going to say...Weird Al Yankovic.
Justin: Limp Bizkit's Three Dollar Bill y'all. Technically the first album I ever owned was
New Kids on the Block. But I didn't buy it myself.
Punk Globe: How long did it take to record your EP?
William: We recorded it in my bedroom with a 10-channel mixer, a few stringed instruments
 set of V-Drums and a vocal microphone. It took us like two or three collective days to record all the tracks
and then we had a few special guests come in and lay down some extra vocal spice.
We did the thing really quickly and wanted it to be raw without any trickery or correction,
so there you go. NOIZE is our noise, mistakes and all.
Punk Globe: What comes easier, lyrics or the music?
William: Music.
Justin: Yeah, the music.
William: I usually mumble some shit and Justin goes "Oh, who was that?"
and I say "That's ours, we just made it up. Just now." And then I have
to write some shit over it after the song is a bit more shaped.
Punk Globe: How do you feel about alcohol/drug use in your band?
William: We're for it! No, I dunno...we don't really do anything, we grew out of that. We drink.
Punk Globe: As a performer, who were you inspired by...stage presence wise.
William: Who do I wish I could emulate, stage presence-wise? Daniel Johns. He's very involved
with the crowd and I think he's has really great stage presence. But I don't really do shit one.
Justin: As far as people I would like to be able to perform like...Peter North.
William: That's a whole different kind of performance, though.
If you did that on stage that would be a whole other show.
Justin: Yeah. Probably get arrested. And it'd be sticky.
William: Very sticky.


Punk Globe: Any plans in the near future
for a full length album?

William: Yes.
Justin: Yeppers.
Punk Globe: When writing lyrics, what's your muse?
William: I try to think of a story or plot, or many, and encode it poetically. So that I can decipher it but it's kind of an enigmatic puzzle that's vague enough that anybody could make sense of it in their own way.
Justin: ...I didn't follow that at all.
William: Neither did I.
Justin: I was like...enigmatic...I've heard that word, but I don't know what it means...
William: It's a big one.
Justin: Yeah.
Punk Globe: What's one music trend you
wish would go away?

William: BGPop.
Justin: Fucking bubble gum pop. I hate that
shit with a passion. I'm going to say anything on MTV. VH1 rocks. MTV blows.
Punk Globe: What are your vices?
William: Cocaine and M & M's.
Justin: Midget porn.
Punk Globe: What's one of your first
childhood memories?

Justin: Midget porn.
William: Falling out of my high chair and
hitting the front of my face while everyone
freaked out and ran around over to me.
I found out years later that I'd swallowed my first teeth.
Punk Globe: I'm sad, how would you cheer me up?
Justin: Midget Porn.
William: I'd buy you a hamburger. With cheese.
Punk Globe: Where would your dream place to perform be?
William: The Paramount, Seattle.
Justin: The George.
Punk Globe: Who is your ultimate idol?
William: Justin.
Justin: William.
Punk Globe: What about as a child?
William: I didn't know Justin yet, so...
Justin: William Shatner. I used to watch Rescue 911 all the time. William Shatner circa Rescue 911.
Punk Globe: When did you stop believing in the tooth fairy?
William: Stop? Wait...what?
Justin: When I was eleven I woke up and punched my mom in the face thinking she was the tooth fairy.
Punk Globe: Who would you love to tour with and why?
William: Primus, Incubus, Silverchair. Those would be the top three.
Justin: Les Claypool. And Madonna.


Punk Globe: Have any unusual fears/phobias?
William: Braineating zombies and Pennywise from 'It'.
Justin: I thought you were referring to the band for a second there. I was thinking 'That's fucking weird...'.
I have an irrational fear of spiders.
I can't fucking stand them. Also my car suddenly
going out of control and me shooting hundreds of feet into the air off of a hill. Death by car.
Punk Globe: You don't know my name.
What do I look like my name is?

William: Veronica.
Justin: Lucy. I could see Lucy.
Punk Globe: How did you feel about the
Election this year?

William: For it.
Justin: We're for it.

Punk Globe: What's one over-used phrase that you say?
William: We have too many.
Justin: Way too many...we can't say too many anymore now. It's overused.
William: Knock the shit out of your ass. Cool beans.
Justin: I say 'cool beans' way too much. Every text beans.
Punk Globe: Who would you say was the funnest band to play with thus far?
William: Indecisive Rhythm. CUPCAKE PROJECTILES!!!
Justin: Yeah, IR.
Punk Globe: Any future tours?
William: Yes.
Punk Globe: What's one thing negative you've noticed about the music biz?
William: I've heard a lot of shit, but we haven't really been in the official "game" long enough to notice anything yet.
Justin: I'd have to say it's controlled by 12 year old girls. Also, it's run by the liberal media.
Punk Globe: If you could give to charity which one would it be?
William: Children with AIDS.
Justin: Kids with 
AIDS. It just rolls off the tongue better than Children with AIDS.


Punk Globe: What's your favorite thing about being on stage?
William: Forgetting that I'm on stage.
Justin: The power.
Punk Globe: Do you think you guys will stand the test of time?
William: We eventually all die, so no.
Justin: Everybody poops, and everybody dies.
Punk Globe: Did you always know this was what
you wanted to do with your life?

Justin: I wanted to be a construction worker. When I was five. And then after I actually started playing drums...yes.
William: I wanted to be a waterbed. I guess...yeah.
I never really thought about my future when I was a kid.
I was just kind of living in the now.
Punk Globe: Scariest thing about all of this for you?
William: Uh....
Justin: Things going too fast and not being able
to deal with the pressure.
Punk Globe: Anything you'd like to say to Punk Globe readers?

William: Sup?!
Justin: Please think of the kittens.
William: Don't rape deaf puppies, it's fucking wrong.
Justin: We can't have two animal references, that's fucking weird.
William: We can have two.
Punk Globe: Thanks for the chat, doll.
William: You're welcome. Good times.
Justin: Thanks.


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