Interview With SIN
By: Rotten


Punk Globe: So, Tell me a little on how the band formed and where the name PRIMASONIC comes from.
Sin: Actually, Zac (drums) and I met via Craig'slist in early '06. We found that we both had similar musical tastes and wanted to form a band that was different from what everyone else was doing locally. Yeah, we wanted the aggression of punk rock but we also wanted to write SONGS. Nowadays too many bands seem to worry more about a riff than a melody and some of our fave bands were all about the melody and hooks, you know? Bands like Generation X, The Stooges, The Undertones, Clash, Damned, etc. So we putzed around for what seems like forever trying to find band members via Craig' List and friends, etc. We "auditioned" quite a few people over drinks @ Gabor's on 13th Avenue here in Denver. We found our previous guitarist (Bryon) easily enough and then Kurt answered our ad and originally came in to play bass. It was obvious that Kurt was more of a guitarist (and an amazing one to boot) so then Bryon suggested that we get a friend of his, Clyde, to come in on bass...and that was that. This was in November of '06. We practiced a lot, drank even more, wrote some cool songs, and eventually settled on the name Primasonic. What does it mean? Damned if I know...but no other band has it. Plus, it's kinda "primal" and contains the word "sonic."..and we love The Sonics (the 60s garage band, not the ball team!). Granted, we went through a few other names prior but...Primasonic it is. It's going to look great on the cover of Billboard, too. And on the Madison Square Garden marquee!!!!
Punk Globe: Your influences come from many UK and USA punk bands of long ago, What initially attracted you to Punk Rock?
Sin: Probably the attitude behind it. The fact that you didn't have to be a freaking guitar virtuosos in order to write a great song. That you didn't have to go through ten years of voice lessons in order to get your message out there. Plus...punk chicks are cool! Haha. But it's also not just punk bands that have inspired us. We have been influenced just as much by bands like AC/DC, The Who and countless 60s garage rock bands. Not to mention The Pixies, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen
...and maybe even some classic Metal ('cause that's
what Clyde listened to on the farm in Kansas).
Punk Globe: Songs like ESCAPE FROM THE SUBURBS are pretty empowering anthems, What do you think makes a good song, and Where do your influences for lyrics come from?
Sin: As far as I'm concerned a great song is one which is memorable, catchy, hooky, and energetic. A great melody is also important. Lyrically, most of our songs are like chapters in the book of life. Past experiences...the good, the bad, and the ugly. It seems that a lot of our songs are in one way or another about women and alcohol...but that's all superficial. Occasionally, I will delve into my various addictions, including cult films and stuff like that. For instance, "Repossession" is an ode to the classic 80s movie, Repo Man, and "Suipsycho" is loosely based on a movie called Psychomania...about undead bikers. Stuff like that. A few of our songs are also social commentaries. "PC War" I wrote mainly in honor of some friends of mine who were serving over in Iraq after reading some of their emails to me relaying their frustrations with how things were being run. "Not Another Protest Song" is exactly what the title states...the opposite of a protest song. It's more like an apathy song saying, "don't bother protesting. It won't change a thing." And "Mind Rape" is about being bombarded every day by propaganda from the left and right...from the TV and from your peers. And it's main message is think for yourself. Do some digging. Don't be a sheep. "Your mind's a weapon!"
Punk Globe: You have shared stage with the likes of The Vibrators, is there anyone you would like to play with live or in
a studio from the punk world?
Sin: Man, it can never happen now but playing with The Clash would have been amazing. The Stooges, perhaps, but doubtful if that can ever happen now as well, since the passing of Ron Asheton. Personally, I would love to open for The Who, AC/DC, Pixies, TSOL, Foo Fighters...or Social Distortion, a Big Black reunion, The Dictators, MC5....hell,
I'll play with anyone at any time. And chances are we'd
give them a run for their money. Haha.
Punk Globe: Your new album, UNADORNED is due for release on JULY 7th, and features the hidden cover of CCR's Have you ever seen the rain.......How did this cover come about?
Sin: Thanks for blowing the surprise, Jonny! Haha. Not very hidden now, is it? But you're forgiven... It mainly came about after hearing The Ramones' version on the Acid Eaters album and thinking we could do it some justice. Plus we're fans of it was a pretty easy choice.
The cougars also seem to dig it. Haha.
Punk Globe: Where can people see you live?
Sin: Well, we play all the typical clubs and dives in Denver pretty regularly so, if you're in town we're easy enough to catch. We're also considering doing some sort of out of town tour or other but that's all dependent on a few factors including getting time off from work (most of us have "real" jobs) and well as the money thing. How economically feasible is it? Remember, none of us are trust fund punks! But if anyone out there wants to bring us to their town, get in touch. We'll see what we can do. And we are also seriously considering a
short European tour later this year.
Punk Globe: Where can people find out more about PRIMASONIC and where can they purchase the album from?
Sin: The best place to get the latest skinny on us all the time is our MySpace page,, and we're also on Facebook, etc. You can sign up for our mailing list and we promise not to harass you too much. The album will be available just about everywhere - Interpunk, all your fave record shops, iTunes, at shows...etc. We made a deal with the Devil...
Punk Globe: What's next for you guys?
Sin: Is world domination too much to ask for? Seriously, we're not getting any younger so support us now...before the Alzheimers kicks in and we think we're a Scottish bagpipe ensemble. We're Primasonic and we're gonna rock your socks off!

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