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Dead Kennedys in London May, 2008

Photo Credit:  Ricardo Vargas


DK in London 10

The Dead Kennedys' current lineup is:

Skip Green (of the Winona Ryders) -- Lead Singer
Klaus Flouride -- Guitar
East Bay Ray -- Bass
Dave Scheff (of Translator) -- Drums



DKs in London 17

DKs in London 19


DKs in London 13

DKs in London 5


DKs in London 1������������� Klaus

DKs in London 12����������������������� Skip


According to the Wikipedia entry of Dead Kennedys -- 

"Recently, Klaus Flouride announced that he will be leaving the Dead Kennedys after their Spring 2008 tour. This was due to complications from his Angiodema. As of now, the Dead Kennedys haven't made any statements if they will find a replacement for Klaus, or break up again. "

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Kennedys


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