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924 Gilman St: Let's Talk About Tact and Timing
Review by Carl Macki

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Directed by Jack Curran
Dream Militia/Scarred Films
86 minutes -- all regions compatible
virus381 (2008)  DVD - $15.00 ($17.00 list)

Produced by: Alternative Tentacles

Director Jack Curran
Jack Curran
This documentary is rather famously about the 20th year old Berkeley club/collective/music and performance space.

Performances by Against Me!, Pinhead Gunpowder, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Pansy Division, Dominatrix,
DSB, Screeching Weasel, F_Minus, CItizen Fish and Alex Knoll. The video also contains interviews with Jello Biafra, Ian MacKaye from Fugazi, Dexter and Noodles from The Offspring  Lars Frederickson, and Matt Freeman from Rancid, Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy, Dale and Jocelyn from Capitol Punishment; Dave Scattered and Sweettooth.

This is a first time lensing by the director, so be patient, this has little drama, lots of talking heads. The excitement of the club translates to the doc, though.

Purchase of the video benefits the club.

View the 924 Gilman St. Trailer